1 Action Mercy Johnson Should Take Concerning The Bully Of Her Daughter By A School Teacher

Earlier today, a popular Nollywood actress by name Mercy Johnson, cried out on Instagram about the bullying of her 8years old daughter, Purity, by a school teacher.

According to her explanations, she stated that her daughter, Purity was always beaten by a school teacher, who is not her class teacher because she (the teacher) has a hate for the mum (Mercy Johnson).

Mercy Johnson further explained that the situation has lasted for 2weeks, and it made her daughter get scared of going to school every day, because of the bullying she receives from the school teacher.

The movie star, Mercy Johnson explained that when she visited the school to pick her kids home as usual, she saw the daughter, Purity crying and asked what was the issue, and the daughter explained that the same teacher still bullied her again.

Mercy Johnson confronted the Teacher to know what was her reason for beating her daughter, but instead of the teacher giving her a clear explanations, she rather told her that she don’t care, and will punish the daughter anytime she likes. You can see few screenshots below, slide through to see more


With what happened and the reply given to Mercy Johnson, below is a quick action she should take as a parent.

1. Get the Teacher Arrested.

Every mother or parent should prove to their kids that they can protect them at all cost. I am not supporting her fighting the teaching or taking a force actions on the teacher, which might result to another issue. She should just hand the teacher over to the Police.

Report the case of child bully to the Police and let that teacher get detained in police custody, so she can further give explanations on why she hates the mum and bullies her daughter always.

A teacher is paid to take care of the kids and teach them well, but when the teaching exceeds its limit, then that act is questionable.

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