How To Apply For Npower GEEP Loan / 2022

Npower GEEP Loan – The current update reaching us is that the Federal Government of Nigeria, has promised most citizens of the country, a great offer of interest-free loans of up to N300,000 to N-power beneficiaries through the GEEP initiative, to those interested.

However, before enrolling for the application, you have to carefully read the below procedures and have all the required application lists, for a successful loan offer.

What is GEEP?

GEEP simply means Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program, and it is a Federal Govt initiative to fund Micro, Small, and Medium-scale businesses in Nigeria, so every citizen can be self-employed and do great.

How To Apply For Npower GEEP Loan / 2022

What is the Npower GEEP loan All About?

Before making a further application for the Npower GEEP Loan, you should know what it is all about. However, the loan is known as a free-interest loan given to all the outgoing N-power beneficiaries, to help enable them to start up a successful business or fund already existing businesses to a top and booming level, and this method will help lower the rate of poverty in the society as well.

The N-power GEEP loan was created with the aim to help all the outgoing Batch A and B N-power beneficiaries sustain and also start up Micro, Small, or Medium scale business, that will be financially stable, and also do great as a self-employed.

Furthermore, according to Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, N-Power beneficiaries will get the GEEP Loan so they won’t go back to the street, after signout. Therefore, the GEEP loan will serve as their exit package.

To successfully obtain a GEEP loan through N-power, a beneficiary ought to pass a psychometric test.

The Requirements to Access the Loan

Before applying for the GEEP Loan, you need to know the necessary requirements, which are carefully listed below, make sure you read through them to help you.

  1. First, the applicants must have a Bank Verification Number, also known as BVN. However, If you have forgotten your BVN, search for the USSD code to check your BVN using your mobile phone, then you will be charged a little fee, and your BVN code will be revealed. Make your you use the same number used for the BVN registration when logging in to your Bank BVN.
  2. Next, you must have a registered business with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC), to offer you a greater chance of getting the GEEP Loan.
  3. Furthermore, the applicant must belong to an accredited market association, and you must show interest in market money by submitting its information to BOI which should include a Certificate of registration, to accredit you as well.
  4. Lastly, if your association is eligible for market-moni, an agent will be sent to your group to capture your membership information for assessment, and other essential pieces of information will be gotten as well.

Requirements for N-power GEEP loan

Before we move further to how you can apply for the Npower GEEP Loan, let’s take a look at some requirements for the Loan.

  • A Bank Verification Number (BVN) is required.
  • Furthermore, a National Identity Number (NIN).
  • Lastly, Psychometric test, Npower beneficiaries are to undergo a psychometric test before the loan will be given to them.

How To Apply For Npower GEEP Loan / 2022

How To Apply For Npower GEEP Loan / 2022

To successfully get started, with the application, you should visit or CLICK HERE, then carefully select or choose the program of your choice.

Lastly, you have to patiently wait for further instructions from their support team, which should not take much time.

Go to for more helpful pieces of information.

you can also Download Npower Psychometric Test Past Questions and Answers, by CLICKING HERE.

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