One Noticeable Thing/Fact About Tiwa Savage’s Trending S*x Tape Proves It’s a Publicity Stunt 

Internet on fire after the s*x tape of a popular Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage was released.

Recall that Tiwa Savage, stated clear on an interview that the blackmailer was attempting to extort money from her because he is in possession of her s*x tap.

After the tape’s release, I noticed one thing from the trending s*x tape, which I stated below. 

The 10sec tape proves to be Tiwa Savage, and she took the record/uploaded the tape on purpose.  

The few sec video clip, proves to be the real Tiwa Savage, unlike the 1st “fake” tape that was her lookalike who is a foreign artist. 

In the recent real video, she was seen having fun with her man on a yacht during her trip to Ghana. Watching the video closely, the celebrity singer looked drugged and drunk, and took the video herself as she also showed her face, but didn’t show her man’s face. 

She started the video from her p**sy, and ended it on her face, to show she is really the one. 

The Singer claimed to have mistakenly shared the tape. How can a big celebrity like her, do such expensive mistake? Why would such video even be kept wide open in her phone instead of locking it, since she doesn’t want people to see it. 

It’s a private intimacy with your man, and you choose to record it, then after the record, you could not hide it in any phone lock, but choice to leave it open, and made a “mistake” upload LOL. 

Tiwa Savage did the record on purpose, and also uploaded it on purpose just to promote her latest album, “Water and Garri”. This is why I insist it’s a publicity stunt.

Due to our policy, the s*x tape will not be shared here, but you can google and watch yourself as it’s littered everywhere on the internet.

Mc Twinkle Toes

A comedian who has great passion for writing

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