How To Prepare A Tasty Zobo Drink

Twinkle-Update is back with another sweet update for food lovers, as we will be having a step-by-step guide on how you can prepare a tasty ZOBO DRINK at the comfort of your home.

This article contains full details, from scratch to the finish point of zobo drink preparation. So if you are still searching on how to prepare a tasty zobo drink for yourself and your family, then take out some time and read carefully through the below-listed steps, and if well followed, you will achieve a sweet/tasty zobo drink.

Let’s look at the necessary ingredients needed for the preparations. Although the listed are top necessary ingredients, just for beginners. So as you become perfect, you can add more stuff to spice your drink up, but below are the basic and necessary ingredients that will give you the best zobo drink.

The Basic Ingredients Needed Are:

1. Full Measurement of dried zobo leaf.

How To Prepare A Tasty Zobo Drink

2. Dry or fresh ginger. The quantity of ginger needed should be according to your choice and love of ginger. The more you add, the more ginger taste will increase in your drink. So will advise beginners to put little, and try it out first, then you can know the quantity to add next time.

How To Prepare A Tasty Zobo Drink

3. Little quantity of fresh pineapple.

4. Sachet Jolly Juice (preferably, make use of the sachet coke jolly juice). Why I recommend the use of dry coke jolly juice, is because of the color, and also the nice taste. Coke has a black color, and zobo also has a black color, making both okay for each other in terms of appearance.

Step-by-Step Preparation:

Step 1. Pour out the dried zobo leaf into a flat pan, and gently pick out a stone and other unwanted items from it. Make sure all dirty are carefully picked out because you won’t wash them.

It’s advisable not to wash it because the very moment you soak it into the water, it loses some taste and color. So save some energy in the dried zobo leaf, by not washing it.

Step 2. After you are done picking out the unwanted items from it, empty them into the big pot you want to use, and cover it. Make sure the pot you want to use, is big enough to contain a certain good amount of water to be heated on fire.

Step 3. Get your little quantity of pineapple, and make sure it’s in a small quantity. According to my years of experience, when it’s the pineapple is much in the zobo, it affects the teeth when you drink.

Slice the small quantity of pineapple and add to the pot of dried zobo leaf, then cover it as well and move to the next stage, which is the grounding or pounding stage.

Step 4. Get your mortar and pestle, wash them and make sure it’s clean. Wash your dried or fresh ginger, pour in the quantity you need into the mortar, then pound it hard, so it can smoothen well to a certain desired form.

Get a spoon and off-load all the pounded ginger into the pot of dried zobo leaf, you can also use water to rinse the mortar, and pour it into the pot of zobo leaves.

Step 5. Add more water into the pot, but don’t fill it, so it won’t throw off when boiling on the fire. Set your fire, either charcoal, gas, firewood, any source of the fire can serve. When your fire is ready, then put the pot on the fire and cover it.

Gave it a good amount of time for it to boil very well. When I refer to boiling very well, you must give it enough time on fire to heat well, so all ingredients and taste of the zobo can boil out from the dried leaf.

After 2 — 3hours of boiling, off the fire or take the put down from the fire if you can, then leave it close till the night day. It’s advisable to do it late at night, and leave it to cool all through the night. In the morning, the drink might have cooled, and also very much okay. 

Step 6. Get your sieve, and gradually sieve off the waste, leaving only the water dropping into a clean bowl. Make sure you sieve it with a small eye sieve so that only the liquid can pass through, holding off the waste on the sieve. 

Use your hands to press out the liquid before disposing of the waste. Do this continually till you are done with everything, then dispose of the waste. 

Step 7. At this point, is when your sachet jolly juice is needed. So open one or two sachets, and empty them into the bowl of zobo drink. Use a big spoon to stir it very well, then take a sip to know the taste, if it requires more jolly juice sachet. 

If it tastes good to you, then you are done, but if you feel it’s not yet okay, then add more sachet jolly juice as wished. After you have gotten the taste you wish, then get some empty water bottles, and bottle all the drinks into the bottle. 

Refrigerate it and allow it to get cooled, very cooled. Bring it out and take a sip to confirm how tasty your drink is. With that, you have achieved your tasty zobo drink. 

The zobo drink can be consumed with snacks like; biscuits, bread, cake, meat pie, and many other wonderful snacks of your choice. You can also take it as a regular drink, which helps to boost blood in your body. Zobo intake causes no harm to the body, rather does good to your body. So, you can prepare it regularly and fill your refrigerator with them, as it will serve as juice to yourself, your family, and also visitors. 

Thank you for your time, hope you understood all the detailed explanations above? Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below, and get a quick response from our team. Hope to see you next time, as you will get more tips/guides on how to prepare different types of food, drinks, and snacks. 

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