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Bible: How Often Should Married Couples Make Love?

Twinkleupdate offers a biblical review on how often married couple should make love.

The bible has a solution to how you should relate with your partner. It also has the response to your relationship problems and misunderstanding. Here is an example of such solution.

In the first place, let us not forget that the Bible did not ask us to ignore our love life, especially for married couples. It rather invites us to take care of it and nurture it.

In a situation where one of the couples has a stronger drive than the other. There is need for mutual respect and tolerance. The other partner should see to it that the need of the other is procured. It is to this very reason that it has become of paramount importance to ask the above question.

• Biblical Basis of this Teaching:

Bible: How Often Should Married Couples Make Love?
Bible: How Often Should Married Couples Make Love?

The biblical solution and reference can be seen in the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians chapter 7 verse 3 to 5. There, St. Paul starts by telling the husbands to oblige their wives their c0njugal rights, and that the wives should also do the same.

This is explained further when it States, “For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.” That is to say that the satisfaction is complementary.

Paul further warned heavily that none of them should deprive the other of this need, unless it is on grounds of their own mutual agreement. He also gave a possible reason where such agreement could spring up. One of such reason is when the couple intend undertaking severe spiritual exercise.

But he also submits that immediately they are done with such exercise, they should quickly reconnect their love life, so as not to give the devil opportunity. Owing to the fact that humans are weak.

After going through this passage, couples should sit down and have a meeting. The love life is what you have been asked for so long to preserve. Now that you have the opportunity to exercise it freely, please do not deny your partner of this Right.

You may not always get a time when both couples are in the mood. There is need for mutual submission and selflessness for the sake of the other.

Bible: How Often Should Married Couples Make Love?
Bible: How Often Should Married Couples Make Love?

Stay Loved!

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