A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

Are you searching for simple guides on how to bake a sweet, tasty cake for yourself?

Your Food Blog, Twinkle-Updates, is here with the best and a step-by-step guide on how you can bake your cake in the comfort of your home.

In this content, I will be sharing some tips and the basic ingredients needed for a beginner to achieve the best cake, and also the step-by-step methods involved. If you can carefully follow the methods below, You will achieve the best and tasty cake for yourself/your family.

List of Basic Ingredients Needed:

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

For a starter, You will need the few below-listed ingredients, but when you are fully a professional, there are other optional ingredients to be added. But as a starter, below are the basic ones needed.

1. You will need 2 Milk Cups of Flour.

2. Get 3/4 Cups of Sugar. This is a measurement required for the 2milk cup of flour, which means the more cups of flour, the more sugar according to the initial recommendation. But if you are a lover of sugar, you can add more. 

3. Fresh Big Eggs (3 eggs for 2Milk cup of flour)

4. Butter or Margarine can serve.

5. Baking Powder (1 Full Teaspoon)

6. Vanilla Flavor (1 Full Teaspoon)

7. Powdered Nutmeg, 1 teaspoon (Optional)

8. Powdered Bicarbonate of Soda, 1 Teaspoon (Optional)

9. Sachet of Mixed Fruits 1/2 Cup.

10. Powered Milk Flavour (1 Sachet)

After you have gotten the above-listed ingredients, then let’s go into the methods in proper. Please pay good attention, so you can achieve the best cake of your choice, and also avoid mistakes.


1. Get a clean bowel, make sure it’s large enough to contain your specified quantity of flour. Then get a clean and dried sieve, and pour in your flour bit by bit into the sieve and sieve the flour into the bowel, so you can have a finer flour for work.

Many people don’t sieve their flour before processing, and it’s unhygienic and also not advisable to do. When sieving, you will notice that the smoother particles of flour, are falling into the bowel, leaving some parts as waste.

This will help you achieve a smooth cake. So, I do advise people or beginners to sieve their flour before usage.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

2. After sieving your flour into the bowel, get your baking powder, and add 1teaspoon to the bowel of sieved flour, if you are using the same measurement like I earlier mentioned.

You can also add other powdered ingredients into the bowel, like the milk flavour, nutmeg, baking powder. Make sure when mixing all these, that it’s done properly in that bowel using your clean hands.

It should be properly mixed, and after the mixing, cover the bowel and face another aspect of the caking production.

3. Get another clean bowl, and wooden spoon, pour your butter into the bowl and add your sugar according to the measurement given above, then mix the sugar with butter together, by turning until it turns white.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

It must not turn purely white, but the color should change a little, trying to look white a little. When done, cover it as well and keep it aside.

4. Get another bowel, and break your eggs into it. You have to break your required number of eggs into the bowel and use your egg beater or fork to hit the egg well until it raises to a certain required level.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

During the process of beating your egg, you can add in all liquid ingredients like the vanilla liquid flavour, and beat them together.

5. Get the bowl of sieved flour, and empty it into that bowl of butter and sugar, then use your hands to mix them properly till it all wraps up well. Make sure you mix it very well, so all ingredients can wrap up well.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

6. Get your bowel of beaten eggs, and empty them into the bowl of flour, and mix everything together using your hands. At this point, everything should be added also, and mixed, including the dried fruits. All ingredients should be well mixed and using your hands mix them, so all can wrap up well.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

NOTE: Cake doesn’t require water, so the egg is the water that mixes it. Make sure it’s mixed well and very light as well. The mixture should not be strong, rather free and a little watery.

At this point, you are done with the mixture of cake ingredients, and your work is half done, which remains the heat aspect.

7. Get your baking pan, but if you don’t have a baking pan, make use of a stainless plate for the cake. Rob some quantity of butter on the baking pan, which will help the cake freely come out after baking. The butter will help for easy removal of the cake out of the pan after baking.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

8. At this point, you have to pour your cake into the baking pan or the plate you want to use. Make sure it’s poured half the measurement of the baking pan because the cake will still raise when heated.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

Make sure the quantity poured in, is half the size of the pan, so the cake can have space to raise well, and not pour away.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

9. Get your oven ready, by heating the fire and load your cakes into the steps of your oven. Make sure the heat is at a normal temperature, so it can take a good time to be done, and well done.

10. Get your time ready, cover the oven and set up your time to 30minutes, and wait for it. After your first 30minutes is gone, open the oven gently and check the current situation.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

You will notice the change in the cake, as it must have risen from the original stage. You will also notice the sweet aroma coming out, to notify that work is close to ending.

At this point your cake is almost ready, then check if there is a straight tinny opening at the middle which indicates your cake is ready, then bring it out and allow cooling, then the cake is ready for consumption.

A Complete Guide On How To Bake Cake For Beginners

Good luck…

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