7 Major Signs That Proves Your Partner Has Lost Interest in You

Do you have feeling that your partner is no more interested in you? Have a look at the below listed signs of a partner who has lost interest in a relationship, and if your partner falls 90% victim, then put yourself in the right path and move on with your life. 

1. No more calls as usual:

If you notice your partner shows less interest in you, and don’t call as usual to check up on you, then it’s a sign that he or she has lost interest in you, and I will advise you to keep your heart prepared to move on, or you can check yourself well if you are in fault, but if you are faultless, then he or she has lost interest, and you need to move on.

2. Not Making Effort to See You:

In every relationship, both the parties should always make efforts and create time to see each other, or hangout just to spend some quality moments, this proves both the love each other very well.

But whenever you notice you are the only one making efforts in the relationship, especially to meet or hangout, then know that the person has lost interest.

3. Less Care/Attention:

In every relationship, what proves your love for each other is high, is the care and attention. Whenever your partner starts giving you less attention or care, it’s a sign that he or she has lost interest.

4. Not Excited To See You or Be With You:

Every lover should be excited to see his or her partner. So, when you notice that there is no sign of excitement from your partner whenever you both meet, then it another sign that the interest/love is gone.

5. Lack of Intimacy in the Relationship:

When he or she sees you less attractive and he or she doesn’t want to touch you or have any romantic connection with you, it’s a soundproof that he or she is no more interested in you. 

6. No Romantic Text Messages As Usual:

This is another great sign that your partner has lost vibe/interest in you, once he or she doesn’t send you romantic text messages, then make your way out from that relationship to avoid too much heart stress. 

So if you partner falls victim to all the above-mentioned, then it’s a clear and unarguable sign that your partner has lost interest in you.

7. Locking Up His or Her Phone From Your Access.

You all know what this means?  

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